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Wed, Aug. 10th, 2011, 05:18 pm
Long time no update

I suppose I haven't updated this in a long long time now. Not meaning to ignore it. I just don't usually have a whole lot to say in the day to day sort of aspect. lol Over the past few months a few things happened. One big thing is that I got a raise. Which is awesome! Another is that in May I got rid of my old car a 2005 Dodge Stratus and got a 2007 Honda Civic (dark blue even!) with 39k miles. So I was and am quite happy.

Of course the car was spotless and had been detailed and such so it looked really really nice. Now that it is driven though people have scratched it and everything else. It makes you mad when you know how much money is going toward it. lol. Anyway it's a relief since I am sure the Stratus was around the doom time. I rather love the new car. Probably the first time I'd actually be willing to hand wash a car since the speedy wash things always kind of fail. haha.

Lets see... in other news my weight is up even more. I've maintained an above 130lbs weight for some time now and actually met my doctors goal of 135 when I saw him last. Got a couple of pictures with him since he has been my doctor for pretty much 20 years now. On the down side, my lung functions were down a bit, though I'm fairly sure this was caused by one of my breathing antibiotics. TOBI tends to make me feel congested and coughy. So I think since I was half way through it when seeing the doctor that was a factor. Anyway I think that's about it that is new really. Just been working and keeping busy. Lots of overtime last week and this week. Should make my paycheck nice. Though it is tiring. Anyhow, that's all for now!


Tue, Oct. 12th, 2010, 06:44 am
That burning sensation...

So I know I haven't kept up with this so well. But at least I am updating it a -little- more often than I had been. :)

I guess my only reason for not keeping up with this is that I could have a lot to say. But that doesn't necessarily mean I want to go through the process of typing it all up. It certainly is a time consuming process and I tend to ramble quite a bit when I get up to speed. Another thing is that I become quite talkative and such before going to bed I really have no idea why. So whether I am alone in my room or if someone else is with me I will talk. And while I direct it at the person who is there with me (which is not all the time) they tend to fall asleep cause that's what going to bed means. lol But not for me I guess. It means laying talking and then going to sleep after contemplating for a little while. x3

I spent the weekend hanging out with Robbie and watched a bit of an Anime called claymore. So far it has been pretty good. We stopped at the end of the weekend at about 3 episodes from the end. I'm not sure if he went ahead and finished it or not. My assumption is probably. lol

Saturday slept in until 6pm... around 8:30 I got a call from my mom (at least that's who the phone said it was) It was actually my brother. I had let it slip my mind that Saturday was his wedding. (whoops!) So I talked to him some and spoke to mother briefly. It sounded like they were having fun. Good for them. I spoke to her again today and it was all fairly normal conversation until she said she needed to tyalk to me about something.

She told me my brothers dad (not my dad) wanted to see me when I came up to Indiana. I had been avoiding seeing Phil due to multiple reasons. Mostly pertaining to my mother and how he treated her. But anyway, he wanted to see me because his mother died earlier this year. And apparently she left a little something to my brother and I. Though I'm not clear on what it might be it got me thinking about when I used to visit before we left when I was 6. It struck me as odd considering she disliked my mom and the fact we had left and not seen her for years (well at least I hadn't I can't speak for my brother. I saw phil's parents again when I was 15 or so once.

I really loved their house. It was a fairly small house, it's really quite amazing to me how much I can remember about that house so vividly. But nowadays I can't remember some crap when I want to. lol Their house had this soft gray floor. They had an old tube TV the kind inside of a wooden cabinet. When I was little I always loved their anniversary clock, not really sure why it may have been the moving parts. The living room was what you entered after coming through the screened front porch/patio. There was a hallway to the left straight ahead that led to the bathroom. I remember I never explored any of the other rooms back that way much. Back out in the living room if you kept going straight from the front door you'd reach the small kitchen. There was a small hallway if you could really call it that. It wasn't much more than a couple feet. In the back to the left there was the backdoor. If you turned around there was a closet like door. But it actually led to the basement. Which I always loved. There was a nice bedroom setup on the right side of the basement and the left had a bar full of different bottles. I always loved the bottles. As well as a setup of German steins along a center diver between the bedroom side and the bar side. Just the aesthetics of the basement were neat to me. It was dark but friendly.

Anyway all of that came back to me as my mother was telling me about that. So I will have to see him when I go up there to find out whatever it was his mother left to me. Which is a bit odd but I guess I'll have to. I don't expect much. In honesty I have no idea what either of his parents did for a living until they retired. And it doesn't really matter to me much. It's a little harsh for me to say that I'd be going for whatever she left me. I loved her but I didn't get to be around her much so it's a bit odd. And I'm sure the time between me and Phil will be quite awkward as well. It's going to be a bit of a tensely odd situation. It probably wont last long though. He's good at mellowing out any tension. And I'm a pushover so I'll be all nicey nice anyway. Not that I'd have anything to be mean to him about. We've all moved on from the past so we're at a good point now that everyone has things separated out.

Fri, Sep. 17th, 2010, 10:31 pm

So I went to walmart the other day, I decided I would finally buy a replacement scale for the bathroom since the last one kind of died. Well I went to the "ghetto" walmart as we call it. (the main reason we call it this was due to the fact it was ru down, and the parking lot drives me insane. And well, it has a theft problem.) I just decided to go to it since it was on the way home and I didn't feel like going out of my way.

So I went in and bought the scale and a couple of other minor thing. One of them being tasty cheese. Mmmm cheese. Beyond that there wasn't much else I needed, besides some soda. Which of course was hiked up in price due to the football game. (har) After I got home and opened the box. I found the scale wasn't in any plastic wrap or anything. And then when I pulled it out the back was missing and someone stole the 9v battery..... really? You just HAD to open a scale up to STEAL a 9v battery. Good grief. lol I replaced the batter, and then I realized the thing didn't work in the first place. So much for that scale. I then took notice that the scale really looked used. As far as I know they don't have display models of scales. But if they did I would imagine this one was used a lot. lol

Anyway, lastnight I took the scale back to a different walmart. One where the parking actually makes sense. And (presumably) not everyone is trying to pilfer stuff. I got my money back. Yay! And got a new scale. I'll note after I got it home I made sure it worked too. lol And it does. Yay. Also while I was at walmart I found out they had dragonheart on DVD for 5 bucks. :O I had to buy it cause I like that movie and everywhere else I've seen it for sale it was much more expensive. So it was a slightly rewarding trip. They also had the first batman movie for 5 bucks on DVD. I didn't get it but the cover will always stand out to me since I saw the movie a few times when I was little. It was never one of my favorites, most due to the creepy Joker. And it may give someone the fale image that they can live after falling into a pit of acid? At least that's what I think it was. lol

Wed, Jul. 28th, 2010, 05:35 pm
Planet 51

I watched planet 51 lastnight. I saw the trailers for for it last year but never brought myself to seeing it.

It actually was pretty good. I rather enjoyed it. They had cute movie/alien parodies and it didn't look that bad either. I think I rather enjoyed it more than monster vs. aliens. (what was with the alien movies?) Not that monsters vs. aliens was bad. It wasn't really, but I enjoyed this one more I think.

I loved how they made the probe (like the lunar rover) named Rover (haha!) a dog like creation. It was incredibly cute. Even though the eye thing on it totally reminded me of portal. lol Overall I'd say it's worth seeing at least once. Good movie. :)

Sun, Jul. 25th, 2010, 04:16 pm
Another updates omg!

So I've been a bit busy at work setting up all sorts of new people and moving people from one cubicle to another. Musical cubes yay! I'm used to the musical cubes part. Though usually it's not in such a high quantity at once. It wasn't too terrible though. Just a lot setting up windows profiles and such.

Last weekend I went to MainEvent with Josh and Katie. Which was pretty cool. I had fun. We played some pool and laughed a lot because of the crazy shots we'd wind up making. It's really fun to hang out and have a good time with them. It's relaxing and we hadn't done that in a long while. Though we probably should have picked a cheaper day to go. It being saturday/weekend the prices for pool are kinda steep. After that we went to walmart and then to their place where we watched the movie they got from walmart. Ponyo. That was a cute movie. And pretty random, though that seems to be expected of a Miyazaki film.

I went to a baby shower for a friend of mine the weekend before last. It was pretty fun getting to see her again. She was pretty crazy. But Bethany was always a little crazy. Entertaining though! I was thankfully not the only guy there. Which was good I still would have gone anyway. I hadn't seen in her pretty much 7 years. Which is a bit sad to think about. Way to make me feel old! lol

This weekend I went to Josh and katies again. It was fun, we went by Fry's and looked at some nifty things. Josh was looking at laptops since his is finally starting to kick the bucket so to speak. Some of the higher end laptops aren't as terribly priced as I would imagine. And even if they were a bit, it makes sense for him since he prefers a laptop to a desktop for one reason or another. He doesn't actually take it with him to many places, which is probably why his current one lasted so long. Mostly it's for going from one room to another without having to stop playing or doing what he was already in the middle of. Such as going to the living room and watching tv with people while intermittently playing a game. It's his thing he's pretty good at multitasking.

While at Fry's I went ahead and got Lunar for the psp. I wanted to see the extra content, and to play it again anyway. So might as well as hear the remastered sound! So far so good. Though I will say the voices being different is weird. Ghaleon had the best bad guy voice in the original. So far it doesn't seem like his voice will be as good in this one. I had to borrow josh's psp so I could play it. But yay Lunar! I also wanted to support this game in the hopes they'll maybe come out with the second one. Or maybe one day come out with the fabled third that was supposed to have been in the works years ago before working designs went under. One can hope and dream! :)

Tue, Jun. 1st, 2010, 06:28 pm

Hmmm. Wizard of OZ live musical broadway production comes to Austin in a couple weeks. Sounds like it could be fun maybe. One day I will see Wicked as well. lol

Mon, May. 24th, 2010, 07:14 pm
One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish

So yes, I am making another post. Gasp! And such. lol I'm pretty bad at doing more of these.

To start, I'm on a new medicine Cayston inhalation solution. Another antibiotic. It pretty interesting. I like the weird random tech gadgets they come up with as time goes by. Even if I am not a fan of all of them. lol

This one uses an aerosol head instead of a compressor for the vaporizing of the liquid. Which is actually pretty cool. It's quiet and can run on batteries as well as being plugged into an outlet. Which I guess is good for portability. It's only for the Cayston medicine though, which needs to be kept cold.

So I'm not sure what the entire thought behind the device is. I imagine that they are testing it with other meds to see if it can be used instead of a compressor in general for all of the inhaled meds. I think this because the device while specifically for Cayston. Does not seem to be designed around it. The cup has larger measurement notches and such, things that aren't used with cayston. So I think they'll eventually change over to it. Of course I am not going to be using it for my other meds because it clearly hasn't been cleared for that. And I follow directions for the most part. lol I just think the device and how it works is cool. Also the process is much faster than my compressor nebulizer treatments. It has an LCD screen that gives you a thumbs up when your medicine is gone and turns itself off. Silly but made me smile. :)

Other than that I have not been doing too much. Just playing some games and keeping busy! Work has been crazy on and off in between having new people starting and such. I'm sure it will be crazy here soon since we'll be moving a team of people to another section of the floor. Also in the work department I have been here for three years. Yay! I didn't get my goal accomplished though. One of the goals was to get A+ certified by sometime around now this year. I didn't quite make that. I have the material to look at. I just haven't done so. It isn't anything ABSOLUTELY necessary or anything. Just something that if I did it I could probably get paid more. Or so my manager said to me. So we'll see. Maybe I can hunker down and get that out of the way before my yearly review. I'm sure the review will be delayed until August or september again like it was last year. So I'd have some time. A+ certification is such a weird thing to have so much respect in work places really. Most of the stuff on it is way outdated tech. Ah well.

(corrected the info about the "ionizer" I'm not sure where I pulled that from. But I swore that's what they called it. Ah well, it's an Aerosol head, either way it uses electricity in a way via metal prongs to vaporize the liquid.

Thu, Apr. 8th, 2010, 02:17 pm

So last night we were playing taboo. You get a word and have a list of a few words you cannot say. And your teamates are supposed to guess the word based on how you lead them with the clues. One of the many words I failed at was Dollop. And the first thing I thought of was Daisy sour cream. And here is why. lol No one else got it. But that's ok, I for some reason remember commercial jingles pretty well. Probably cause they play them over and over. lol

Tue, Mar. 30th, 2010, 05:09 am
Healthcare bill thing

First off, I know this'll be a rant. And somehow it pisses me off. Everytime. It's not something I'm proud to say completely. But at which point do we stop being idiots and start being humans who actually care about one another in some way or form? The healthcare bill... it has its flaws no damn doubt. And I understand... that. I also understand people aren't 100% happy with it either.

But when is anyone 100% happy anyway? I hear some of the DUMBEST BS ever. no offense to anyone on my friends list here. Let me give you some Edumacation here. (yes I spelled it that way on purpose)

Someone recently I saw, in a facebook group however many people against the healthcare bill etc. Had an argument for the insurance company. And like any good company of course they are out to make money. Problem being that in order to do this people have to be shafted, due to pre-existing condition clauses. They can either be turned down, or be delayed at ever getting coverage. People I think often think of "minor" pre-existing condition things. But in this case someone used the example of a man whom has cancer. Without the pre-existing condition clause the insurance must take him on. Thus inevitably in the end, the company goes bankrupt due to so many pre-existing condition people becoming approved and depleting their money.

This person gives no alternative, there is no other option. He is whining that the insurance company will go broke, people will lose jobs. Even if this happens, even if government insurance takes off. The government agencies would need people for jobs. Probably lots of people too. So it's not like it would be the end of everything. Then people complain of the illegals, and the poor who can't afford health insurance. Let me tell you, being someone who is diagnosed with a terminal illness. I do not appreciate being told in not so blunt words I should just roll over and die. This particular person struck a chord. One that made me very upset. What do you tell the man who has cancer? To handle the bills himself? Even if he tried, odds are he doesn't make the amount of money needed to pay for them.... See More

It's frustrating to think that a company is cared for, more than people are. The bill isn't perfect lord knows it has faults. But so does our system. No one can dare tell me it doesn't. I've seen what it's like. I know what it's like. This at least tries to help. I bet back in the day people hated the idea of Medicaid and Medicare for the poor. But if that wasn't passed by LBJ I probably wouldn't be here now. Because there wasn't an insurance around that would touch me. And mother didn't make enough money at all to afford meds. The cut off point for medicaid, still wasn't enough to afford my meds, there's no way it could happen. The people who are complaining most I believe are the healthy ones. But let me tell you, for all the CF patients out there all the cancer patients and any other major diseases. Most of the time WE DON'T GET TO CHOOSE. We can't CHOOSE to be healthy. Some things may be preventable, but even that 3/4 of the time is guess work.

We are human beings, just like healthy people are. And we deserve help with our medications and doctors appointments, things to keep us healthy just like others do. That's the benefit of a modern society. We aren't in the old ages where we condemn people to death for not being perfectly healthy. So why in the world would someone go around saying wah. The poor insurance companies. I think people forget, they forget there are people on the other end. People who would DIE without proper care. People could lose jobs. Is that valued greater than some deaths?

I doubt people with loved ones with cancer or CF whom are laying in hospital beds or at home uninsured with not enough money to go to a needed doctors appointment or to get necessary expensive medicines would agree with the idea. Arguments of illegals aside, because that's a different bag of worms. Not all poor people are lazy asses who don't want to go out and find work. We -cannot- make this assumption. No doubt it does happen yes, but you can't go around using that as an example when that is not the majority. If it were the majority, there would be a lot more homeless people on the streets. I like to think we as a country and as a people are capable of better reactions than what we have been doing. I know this doesn't necessarily make it so. But I can at least hope that we can. I wrote this in the heat of the moment, forgive any odd typos I may have made. If people gave a good alternative then bravo! But so far, obviously any other alternatives have never made it that far. And it's not like there haven't been many opportunities for either side to come up with something. I never agree with everything a president does, republican or democrat. But in the health department I feel democrats are more on my side than republicans. I've heard many republicans, including on public talk radio share the same view as the guy in my example.

It makes me sad and annoyed. I am luck to have an insurance that did not have a pre-existing condition clause this time around. But I know depending on what state, getting it could be even harder before this bill if you had a Pre-existing condition. So therefore, in the end, Even with the bills faults. I am happy to have it, and I think in the end it will be beneficial, if at least for certain unfortunate people stuck with conditions and family members stuck with sick loved ones. he healthier ones get the suckier end, but you know.... we'd be healthy too if we had a choice. And maybe, with the incentive they'll work harder for cures, so sickness isn't such a burden on the populous. I can hope and wish :P

I'm all for commerce. I'm all for commercial business and capitalism. But I'm more for it as long as people aren't being hurt. This is hurtful in a very real and meaningful way. People can die from this kind of capitalism. There needs to be some boundry drawn somewhere IMO.

Thank you for taking the time to read it all if you happened to. That's all I really have to say on the subject.

Fri, Dec. 25th, 2009, 05:19 am
Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all have a great day. :)

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